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March 30, 2019
Paris II
March 30, 2019

Paris I

Apartment 05 - Living Room

Set between two beautiful avenues lined with majestic trees, this beautiful Parisian building stands out in this iconic city with its domed slate roof. Enjoy that certain je ne sais quoi about returning home each day to this timeless area of the world. This Parisian 2 bedrooms Hideaway with chic and intimate ambiance is located in a splendid Haussmann-style, cut-stone building

This beautiful and spacious apartment features well-delineated day and night areas, which means that children can sleep peacefully while parents are hosting friends in the vast formal dining room. The remarkably sized windows ensure the living room is flooded with light that illuminates the modern works of art. With stunning classic architecture, the contemporary interior design creates a magnificent contrast that embodies the new Parisian chic.

Both bedrooms provide queen size beds, en-suite bathrooms. One of the suites also has a rain shower and a balneotherapy tub. Fine linens and accoutrements provide serenity and luxury feel.