March 30, 2019
Villa Fairmont
March 30, 2019

Villa Noel

This secluded property is decorated with palm trees, expertly manicured gardens, and designer outdoor furniture. Inside, Villa Noel’s luxuries know no bounds. Four uniquely-themed master bedroom suites and elegantly adorned shared spaces providing the highest level of privacy.

At this project, our team of architects and interior decorators have made sure this Moroccan getaway starts with an authentic step in the right direction. From the outside, a sleek and stylish color scheme, with matching furniture, accessories, and a swimming pool gives all the space a thoughtful, cohesive look. Inside, things get a little more exciting. The living room, lounge, and dining area continue the elegant feel of the exterior, with the addition of eclectic local works of art. The living area also features a beautiful wood burning fireplace and state of the art electronics.

The professional fully equipped kitchen is sure to inspire culinary creativity. The formal dining area features seating for eight. And, on the terrace, the user would love cooling off in the pool, relaxing in a sun lounger, and strolling through the villa’s beautiful gardens.